This is for people that know they want to start their own fashion brand/website but need help on where to start. Do you want to waste years attending fashion school and waste more time putting off starting your brand? Or would you rather get started sooner and learn want you need to know to launch your brand so you can start making money sooner? We give you the outcome you want and need.

Packages start at $6,000 for our fashion boot camp to get your mind ready and for you to start your brand/website sooner then later. 

For one on one consultation, prices start at $15,000+.  


We make high-quality patterns for all types of garments, ranging from simple t-shirts and tops, to full-length dresses, all at competitive prices. We're able to provide muslins, sessions with professional fit models, adjustments, and everything you need until your garment is perfect.



After pattern making, we develop samples based on any fabric that you'd like. We assist in acquiring everything from trimmings to tags, and can work with partner companies for any additional services you'd like, such as dyeing or embroidery.


We have full production capabilities in-house, and we expertly manufacture anything that you desire, whether you have done development with us or elsewhere. We're able to produce 10 - 400 units per style. Need more? We're happy to make arrangements.