TheFactory212, LLC.

We create patterns and samples in New York for runway and showroom, duplicates and small production in New York. We can also do in-house production between 10-100pcs. We can also oversee your production at a larger factory location depending on your needs. . 



expert SAMPLES & production

 ​The owner Angela Kim has over 20 years of experience. It spans all parts of the fashion industry, from design to production. We will make any sketch you bring us - from shirts to trousers, dresses to jackets - whatever you have imagined. Located in the heart of the Garment District in New York City. 

Businesses need vision. We will listen to your ideas and then help you focus and zero in on your vision and make it a reality.  

Fashion is our business. We can help you from design to flat sketching to fabric sourcing. We turn your ideas into reality for men's and women's markets. 

Patterns, samples, small production...we make EVERYTHING easier

industry  EXPERIENCE